Located 21 companies in av orangerie in Wavre

We located 21 legal entities on the address: av orangerie in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0439.068.718I.e.t.SA
BE 0407.552.131SPRL
BE 0446.256.319WumedexSPRLU
BE 0668.640.004Bw CupASBL
BE 0850.173.227A.c.p. Parc Des Saules Pavillon 9 Av.orangerie Wavre AcpACP
BE 0652.777.633C.s.f.b.SPRL
BE 0477.409.452Electricite Du Parc Des SaulesSPRL
BE 0442.095.415Le Petit PoucetSPRL
BE 0834.140.810Gm-ASC SPRL
BE 0473.966.150Chambre Syndicale Des Entrepreneurs De Pompes Funebres Du Brabant WallonASBL
BE 0445.659.570Marti SocksSPRL
BE 0550.750.855Elec2LifeSPRL
BE 0400.366.609AlgépéSPRL
BE 0457.225.633Sound Vision Diffusion EuropeSA
BE 0861.290.219Country PlanetASBL
BE 0433.675.716Leclef NewsASBL
BE 0432.503.402Union Francophone Des OrthodontistesUP
BE 0646.982.179La Clinique Du LienASBL
BE 0641.912.148Les NébuleuxASBL
BE 0464.562.692A Petits PasSPRL