Located 1885 companies in avenue charles plisnier in Wavre

We located 1885 legal entities on the address: avenue charles plisnier in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0431.447.090EtamantSA
BE 0431.463.522Comptoir Maghrebin Du VinSA
BE 0431.352.367E Pluribus UnumASBL
BE 0429.975.363Telema BelgiumSPRL
BE 0430.029.407Giant ProductsSPRL
BE 0416.539.774EurostampASBL
BE 0417.000.822Fondation Des Hautes EtudesASBL
BE 0427.943.907Services Pour IndépendantsASBL
BE 0428.665.566CreatransSA
BE 0428.670.714StratiformSA
BE 0420.582.892Société Bruxelloise De Transformation De PapierSA
BE 0421.879.526HonfoodSPRL
BE 0422.602.472Académie Jhoo Lee Des Arts MartiauxASBL
BE 0424.557.617EurimoSPRL
BE 0425.460.608SeminerioSPRL
BE 0425.020.049Coiffure Elle Et LuiSPRL
BE 0437.162.964EurodecorSC (AS)
BE 0441.813.125Carrosserie BeverSPRL
BE 0442.659.597Bureau D'informatique, De Conseil Et De ServiceSC (AS)
BE 0433.880.307Taverne LimaloiseSC (AS)