Located 28 companies in blauwe weg in Antwerpen

We located 28 legal entities on the address: blauwe weg in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0467.551.876Hancon InvestSA
BE 0508.735.306Noord Natie BeheerSCRL
BE 0536.213.525Mac² HoldingSA
BE 0477.151.413Noord Natie HoldingSCRL
BE 0459.357.653Wijnnatie Douane - AgentuurSA
BE 0453.366.518G.m. Maritime ServicesSA
BE 0442.630.992Noord Natie TerminalsSA
BE 0444.589.107Eran VerhuurserviceSA
BE 0448.209.284Mac²SA
BE 0448.260.556Eran TransportSA
BE 0438.594.606Euro Diesel AntwerpenSA
BE 0867.297.190KavelaarsSPRL
BE 0426.933.127Mac² ShippingSA
BE 0442.652.669Noord Natie BeheerSC (AS)
BE 0475.930.203BelshoreASBL
BE 0416.134.255Noord NatieSA
BE 0421.141.138TranexSA
BE 0404.634.114Etab. De Weerdt En SwalensSA
BE 0477.310.967NoordkaaiSA
BE 0442.311.684Handling ConsortSA