Located 58 companies in 't zand in Brugge

We located 58 legal entities on the address: 't zand in Brugge in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0449.935.092RoosterhuisSPRL
BE 0433.695.314Beroepsvereniging Van Zelfstandije Kustrijwielverhuurders Uit De Regio Brugge-Torhout-OostkustASBL
BE 0437.614.015Pop LifeASBL
BE 0515.948.344Pita EfesSPRL
BE 0475.147.966Bras-CafeSPRL
BE 0506.680.983ClaridgeSPRL
BE 0477.921.077Flanders Services & Consulting CompanySPRL
BE 0471.624.193West-Vlaamse StreekproductenASBL
BE 0458.711.317PrinziemaSPRL
BE 0457.488.325SaarriSA
BE 0462.657.237Tour Management BelgiumSPRL
BE 0460.226.594Rony's PoolbarSCRL
BE 0432.607.825KyriazisSC (AS)
BE 0421.107.979Restaurant CriteriumSPRL
BE 0413.710.542Tea-Room - Restaurant - Hotel - Boudewijn ISPRL
BE 0877.947.592't SantpoortjeSPRL
BE 0696.939.852Central Park 27SCS
BE 0423.614.935ZandhotelSA
BE 0428.691.104Beroepsvereniging Van Zelfstandige Beroepsfotografen Regio Brugge-Torhout-OostkustASBL
BE 0408.593.296Breydel-Rallye-ClubASBL