Located 54 companies in Leopold I-laan in Brugge

We located 54 legal entities on the address: Leopold I-laan in Brugge in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0819.783.028MissitemsASBL
BE 0426.580.165International Hair Training Center De RidderASBL
BE 0433.096.585MargrittexSPRL
BE 0424.049.257Radio Fm. BruggeASBL
BE 0440.321.107ImmotrioSC (AS)
BE 0434.553.070BabyboomSCRL
BE 0435.951.355Reizen De MareSPRL
BE 0440.476.406Apotheek De Laere-BonteSA
BE 0865.616.023Koninklijk Toneelgezelschap ReynaertASBL
BE 0838.048.029EvrodiSPRL
BE 0465.698.087KzlSPRL
BE 0872.161.345MusicitemsASBL
BE 0419.774.329ImodelSPRL
BE 0455.748.362Primera ProcessingSA
BE 0721.789.074Mieke Van AckerSCS
BE 0686.786.031LeoholdSPRL
BE 0460.476.321Amaai !SPRL
BE 0836.927.876Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Beaulieu Brugge Leopold I-Laan 84ACP
BE 0448.903.726Clif-ConsultSPRL
BE 0473.182.331Rapid PlanSPRL