Located 32 companies in rue loneux 1 b in Gent

We located 32 legal entities on the address: rue loneux 1 b in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0677.906.076Ms Radiologie Az Stlucas GentSASPJ
BE 0677.906.670Ms Gynaecologie Az St-Lucas GentSASPJ
BE 0459.882.245All-In MarriageSPRLU FS
BE 0408.431.267Ph. Bontinck En CoSCS
BE 0653.912.731Maatschap Dermatologie Az Sint-LucasSASPJ
BE 0655.796.214Maatschap Neurologie Az Sint-LucasSASPJ
BE 0655.797.895Maatschap Gastro Enterologie Az Sint-LucasSASPJ
BE 0456.828.923Euro CashSPRL
BE 0465.987.109Primo G.p.c.SPRL
BE 0697.889.759Flexi-SaSPRL
BE 0429.151.061ErgosSA
BE 0877.167.535Maatschap Orthopedie St-Lucas FvSASPJ
BE 0820.453.021Groep BijlokekaaiUTVA
BE 0823.520.793ApsENT E
BE 0465.826.662International Opera AcademyASBL
BE 0448.772.181KantienbergSA
BE 0655.796.907Maatschap Heelkunde Az Sint-LucasSASPJ
BE 0677.905.482Ms Anatomo-Pathologie Az St-Lucas GentSASPJ
BE 0449.420.202AsicoSA
BE 0409.918.535ASBL