Located 17 companies in 's-Hertogenlaan in Leuven

We located 17 legal entities on the address: 's-Hertogenlaan in Leuven in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0442.989.694LituguSA
BE 0830.901.109AutiwoonzorgASBL
BE 0409.786.297Vermeylenkring Afdeling HerentASBL
BE 0887.364.017J. Lemaire & PartnersSPRL
BE 0893.698.513Verbinnen-BessemansSNC
BE 0426.383.987HejmenASBL
BE 0647.542.603Herman KenensSCS
BE 0671.934.737Poolse School Leuven VzwASBL
BE 0723.908.426Reuzeleuven VzwASBL
BE 0673.672.126MarviniSPRL
BE 0443.785.688VantuSA
BE 0410.400.367Oikonde LeuvenASBL
BE 0722.897.943MbkhSASPJ
BE 0543.520.494Federal Peace CentreASBL
BE 0897.791.616Ok Services HerentSPRL
BE 0712.840.528Zorgcirkels JongdementieASBL
BE 0722.792.926Familie Vanden Eynde - TuylsSASPJ