Located 11 companies in Hors les Portes in Limbourg

We located 11 legal entities on the address: Hors les Portes in Limbourg in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0441.643.473Sauvegarde De L'eglise Saint-Georges A LimbourgASBL
BE 0441.312.980Amicale De L'internat Autonome De La Communaute Francaise - LimbourgASBL
BE 0654.950.235Kimdo Kwan AsblASBL
BE 0450.823.534Boucherie - Charcuterie Eric WannezSPRL
BE 0468.609.473E.d. ImmoSPRL
BE 0470.980.233TacoSPRL
BE 0688.598.446Oswald Spengler Society For The Study Of Humanity And World HistoryASBL
BE 0807.499.066Mudojang A.s.b.l.ASBL
BE 0839.357.430GesckaSPRL
BE 0841.775.995Belgium Haidong-Gumdo National AssociationASBL
BE 0850.020.896Internat Autonome De L EtatOUTONSS