Located 14 companies in allee de menton in Namur

We located 14 legal entities on the address: allee de menton in Namur in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0446.483.872La Confrérie De La MalemortNPROF
BE 0843.611.374Les Maisons NpPr LLC
BE 0860.930.923L'essentiel GroupPLIMCO
BE 0450.076.238TaraPLIMCO
BE 0435.789.821JallayCSLL
BE 0401.380.951Clair-SéjourPLIMCO
BE 0736.764.785CanyonCAWOLP
BE 0895.663.554M.p. ConstructionsPr LLC
BE 0641.961.539Dr. Delphine Hanuschk - Anesthesie - ReanimationPLC
BE 0433.786.275Service D'oncologie, De Radiotherapie Et De Medecine NucleairePr LLC
BE 0476.624.445Notre CitadellePr LLC
BE 0725.606.124Menton Société Civile De Droit CommunCAWOLP
BE 0892.268.950V.l.h.consultingPr LLC
BE 0641.961.143Dr. Gaetan Opsomer - OrthopediePLC