Located 1360 companies in *maison communale de lambermont in Verviers

We located 1360 legal entities on the address: *maison communale de lambermont in Verviers in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0211.411.203Fabrique D'eglise Saint-Martin À Petit-Rechain (Wl - Verviers)ETSPUBLI
BE 0430.843.811Video-CassetteASBL
BE 0430.350.792Woopy SnacksSPRL
BE 0430.371.875Amitie Et Culture Belgo-Hellenique-L'ancien IndienASBL
BE 0423.660.366RoelSPRL
BE 0420.446.302Heck GerardSA
BE 0428.139.192GrifaparSA
BE 0427.724.864Otoneuro AllergoSPRL
BE 0428.542.634HermesSC (AS)
BE 0417.602.123B.c.t. Belgium - Computer Und TextsystemSPRL
BE 0419.243.502VareoSA
BE 0419.348.519Armand Scheen Et FilsSPRL
BE 0419.910.624Bureau D'etudes Freddy KringsSPRL
BE 0422.581.389Le Cercle RougeSPRL
BE 0426.296.489Le Repos De Froid'fontaineSPRL
BE 0418.285.180GraphSPRL
BE 0418.323.386JessySA
BE 0416.267.679Graphity 2SA
BE 0416.855.223Etablissements E. BaudrihayeSPRL
BE 0441.767.791Didi RentSPRL