Located 240 companies in avenue edouard cordonnier in Verviers

We located 240 legal entities on the address: avenue edouard cordonnier in Verviers in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0554.902.554Brasserie RhtcSPRL
BE 0553.966.901Philippe Renier InvestSPRL
BE 0597.624.819FdacSPRL
BE 0607.996.790G.l. DistributionSPRL
BE 0667.946.849ASBL
BE 0653.750.702EtakSPRL
BE 0439.463.646Docteur J-P Hans. UrologieSC SPRL
BE 0457.978.372Norm'a'jeanSCRI
BE 0457.652.532Immobiliere Thonnard Et TrinonSA
BE 0454.467.368A.d. PhoneSPRL
BE 0454.400.854Sprl Lafarque ChristianSPRL
BE 0463.670.490Nord ResineSPRL
BE 0838.002.596Association Des Copropriétaires De La Residence Mozart, À 4800 Verviers, Avenue Hanlet 9ACP
BE 0415.295.404La Boutique Du Papier - PapierboetiekSA
BE 0435.454.279EuroforestSCRL
BE 0422.580.104ImsportSPRL
BE 0406.644.289Maison De D'apprenti TextileASBL
BE 0423.660.366RoelSPRL
BE 0415.849.589Le Racing Team FenilASBL
BE 0431.572.301Etablissements Lejeune FreddySPRL