Located 1539 companies in *rue latroye 13 rdc in Wavre

We located 1539 legal entities on the address: *rue latroye 13 rdc in Wavre in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0448.610.053Cours D'alembertASBL
BE 0418.506.401Imprimeries V.d.s.SC (AS)
BE 0429.292.306As BuiltSC (AS)
BE 0429.918.945Dany-ShopSA
BE 0416.068.632Fédération Francophone De Tae Kwon DoASBL
BE 0416.705.466E.v.a.SPRL
BE 0421.459.654Centre De Formation ArdiesASBL
BE 0424.451.709Re - SourceASBL
BE 0427.797.120T.i. ConsultSA
BE 0418.868.764NadiegeSPRL
BE 0420.477.974MattagneSPRL
BE 0420.625.949La Maison TechniqueSPRL
BE 0422.602.472Académie Jhoo Lee Des Arts MartiauxASBL
BE 0427.282.030Home Europe InternationalSA
BE 0415.928.773Racing Moto PartsSA
BE 0441.326.046Fspe Sport ClubASBL
BE 0442.333.361Annee LumiereSPRL
BE 0443.186.664Crepes, CafesSC (AS)
BE 0433.775.981Poly ServicesSPRL
BE 0433.809.635PrivilegeSPRL