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The NACE code gets assigned by the European Union and Belgium to a specific class of economic activity (commercial or otherwise ). This classification code helps to produce industry overviews and statistics. "Principal activity " is the NACE code that a certain ' economic unit ' (company, institution, corporation) specified as the most contributing to its overall value . A number of additional activities can be mentioned to better represent the company.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0413.749.441ChantrenPr LLC
BE 0444.496.461I.r.h.CSLL
BE 0438.624.694MerulexCS
BE 0428.829.575First AvenueCS
BE 0419.482.537Ateliers LingandPr LLC
BE 0417.376.647Handelsonderneming De Tegelzetter - Home DecorPr LLC
BE 0444.670.665KampenPr LLC
BE 0416.709.228Vanam BelgiumPr LLC
BE 0427.959.347Thermo-Iso-Decors-Group AssenmakerPLIMCO
BE 0427.428.817Van Den Bossche Ph. En T.GENPAR
BE 0433.525.167G.a.m.a.CS
BE 0428.548.077RodacoPr LLC
BE 0429.690.006D.k.v.Pr LLC
BE 0417.445.042Societe Generale Immobiliere Et DecorationPr LLC
BE 0437.987.662Ema ConstructCSLL
BE 0424.369.654VerandrohomePr LLC
BE 0423.412.522Geysen En ZoonPLIMCO
BE 0417.017.549Cooperative Des Artisans LibresCS
BE 0427.496.816RimopeintPr LLC
BE 0445.691.640B En B ProjectPr LLC