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The NACE code gets assigned by the European Union and Belgium to a specific class of economic activity (commercial or otherwise ). This classification code helps to produce industry overviews and statistics. "Principal activity " is the NACE code that a certain ' economic unit ' (company, institution, corporation) specified as the most contributing to its overall value . A number of additional activities can be mentioned to better represent the company.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0416.821.371Liberty GroupPr LLC
BE 0450.999.619GrynvestPLIMCO
BE 0413.463.290Ardenne Immobiliere (L')Pr LLC
BE 0417.238.867VerimoPLIMCO
BE 0419.760.372Ripoll - BruxellesPr LLC
BE 0419.760.471Holiday MobilPr LLC
BE 0433.950.878IbkPLIMCO
BE 0424.076.179Sandy WoodPLIMCO
BE 0422.551.301Bapar ServiceCS
BE 0406.838.784AgicomPr LLC
BE 0422.744.410Gesti-D.t.PLIMCO
BE 0422.692.049PrinterPr LLC
BE 0414.608.880CypraPr LLC
BE 0435.166.843WebePLIMCO
BE 0416.200.967Logis Alpin (Le)Pr LLC
BE 0423.045.506Abri-Cotier De Panne (L')PLIMCO
BE 0434.086.282ImmorPLIMCO
BE 0438.348.443Le Quadrilatere TilffoisCS
BE 0438.346.859Le NidCSLL
BE 0417.370.610BucourPLIMCO