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The NACE code gets assigned by the European Union and Belgium to a specific class of economic activity (commercial or otherwise ). This classification code helps to produce industry overviews and statistics. "Principal activity " is the NACE code that a certain ' economic unit ' (company, institution, corporation) specified as the most contributing to its overall value . A number of additional activities can be mentioned to better represent the company.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0427.018.645Parc des PrincesPr LLC
BE 0416.992.508Coopération au Développement - IBO - Ontwikkelingssamenwerking - IBOISCORG
BE 0435.888.306MARIJANPr LLC
BE 0424.336.101vzw Lentekind - Centrum voor Kinderzorg en GezinsondersteuningNPROF
BE 0427.900.256Les FresiasPr LLC
BE 0401.609.890PublicityPr LLC
BE 0405.477.717Home Armand DeweerdtPLIMCO
BE 0410.117.384Koninklijke Openluchtwerken - LimburgNPROF
BE 0420.257.745M. DRIONPLIMCO
BE 0409.115.415Association interrégionale Guidance et de SantéNPROF
BE 0419.230.436Accueil au 3e AgePr LLC
BE 0435.308.185LES SAULESPr LLC
BE 0434.841.892ANS-HOMEPr LLC
BE 0422.392.834Home ZonnedaelePr LLC
BE 0431.253.684TsodecoCS
BE 0422.061.450Résidence Le PanthéonPr LLC
BE 0427.180.773Residentie Marie-PaulPr LLC
BE 0427.932.821Huis PerrekesPr LLC