Located 1168 companies in Hoveniersstraat in ANTWERPEN

We located 1168 legal entities on the address: Hoveniersstraat in ANTWERPEN in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0460.618.950PrimestarSA
BE 0462.395.040Seber ManufacturingSPRL
BE 0462.951.108Jewel ImpexSPRL
BE 0472.014.470Pasmi DimonSPRL
BE 0479.080.327Adi InternationalSPRLU
BE 0479.419.728Nour DiamSA
BE 0479.736.561L.i.d. BelgiumSPRLU
BE 0466.234.161Windiam JewellerySPRL
BE 0465.976.320PoclSPRL
BE 0459.037.058Bright Star BelgiumSPRL
BE 0461.114.442Srb DiamSPRLU
BE 0460.568.965The Dali CorporationSPRL
BE 0478.014.614Claude Rozanes BvbaSPRL
BE 0478.805.460StarchemsSPRL
BE 0478.160.510Berkovic - Klausner - KorallSPRL
BE 0475.574.469SheshilSPRL
BE 0472.549.455MapaSPRL
BE 0467.165.064Century DiamondsSPRL
BE 0821.596.235Rup DimonSPRL
BE 0466.501.506Karma DiamondSA