Located 2202 companies in Avenue Marius Renard in Anderlecht

We located 2202 legal entities on the address: Avenue Marius Renard in Anderlecht in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0538.473.130Association Des Copropriétaires À Anderlecht, Avenue Venizelos 48BACP
BE 0537.661.595Jicas ManagementSPRL
BE 0554.707.267PtcbSPRL
BE 0548.807.093Luka ConstructSCRI
BE 0553.819.817Association Des Copropriétaires À Anderlecht, Avenue Gounod 7ACP
BE 0655.684.564AkinodSPRL
BE 0550.940.895Moreira RenoveSPRL
BE 0552.134.193Corporation Royale Des Bouchers, Charcutiers Et Traiteurs De BruxellesUP
BE 0548.787.990Annah BenSPRL
BE 0659.907.529Aumale Dental ClinicSC SPRL
BE 0659.929.107Groupe AlayUTVA
BE 0654.954.688Club Sportif VictoryASBL
BE 0652.636.685Les Amis De L'école Maurice CarêmeASBL
BE 0597.806.743Union SecuritySPRL
BE 0597.742.110Ama InvestSCRL
BE 0564.811.402Nelson. M General ConstructionSNC
BE 0564.921.169Eurodesign & RénovationSCS
BE 0598.825.144W BatSPRL
BE 0598.757.838Bendef Et CieSCS
BE 0628.668.678DivanescoASBL