Located 2695 companies in Avenue Marius Renard in Anderlecht

We located 2695 legal entities on the address: Avenue Marius Renard in Anderlecht in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0211.474.549Kerkfabriek Sint-Bernadette (Br-Anderlecht)ETSPUBLI
BE 0407.728.117Ceria AikidoclubASBL
BE 0431.485.395Studio GosSA
BE 0418.559.156Comptoir Général Du LivreSC (AS)
BE 0418.674.071Offshore Sailing ServiceSPRL
BE 0430.687.819I.d.ASBL
BE 0430.199.750Club J.r.SC (AS)
BE 0430.312.883Video KotSPRL
BE 0431.129.663Anderlecht InforASBL
BE 0424.901.570Meat CompanySA
BE 0430.078.402FixinoxSA
BE 0428.790.280Sweet DreamSC (AS)
BE 0428.857.883Les Amis Du Plateau De ScherdemaelASBL
BE 0429.038.027FittexSA
BE 0429.155.318Unitech EspagneSC (AS)
BE 0416.452.078AnropaSPRL
BE 0416.618.067BelgalfaSA
BE 0419.402.066Compagnie Italo - Belge D'import - ExportSPRL
BE 0419.424.634SanibutsSPRL
BE 0424.423.302Auto 319SPRL