Located 11 companies in Aalscholverlaan in Antwerpen

We located 11 legal entities on the address: Aalscholverlaan in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0454.384.028Pig ComfortSPRL
BE 0458.110.115Dokterspraktijk E.fierens A. VermassenSPRL
BE 0836.609.459RothcoSPRL
BE 0424.893.850Noeninckx - GeensSCS
BE 0432.794.994Defosse ZoonSA
BE 0455.001.165Medical Yachting ClubASBL
BE 0860.735.537OtweeSPRL
BE 0404.944.514Tobie De PrinsSPRL
BE 0462.513.519Dr. Philippe Van MaerckeSPRL
BE 0878.070.625VevaxSPRL
BE 0898.898.505AccompanySCS