Located 1051 companies in Hoveniersstraat in Antwerpen

We located 1051 legal entities on the address: Hoveniersstraat in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0876.762.313ShrenujSA
BE 0480.099.124Jocodiam ManufacturingSPRL
BE 0421.997.807DawnydiamSPRL
BE 0427.600.645GeminiSPRL
BE 0425.559.982Alsharto DiamondsSPRL
BE 0424.006.004DimincoSA
BE 0878.255.024Ratna GemsSPRL
BE 0404.968.565KoradiamSA
BE 0404.967.872International Diamond Production Company GhanaSPRL
BE 0404.987.569M. SchlusselSPRL
BE 0403.702.320ApolloSPRL
BE 0406.549.170Union Diamond CompanySPRL
BE 0418.476.311Diamond TradersSPRL
BE 0418.804.626Last DiamondsSPRL
BE 0420.377.313Kleinblatt DiamondSPRL
BE 0428.113.062K. And K. Air CargoSA
BE 0423.306.119N. Shah & C°SPRL
BE 0425.026.284Vog-1761SA
BE 0425.095.471Siddharth DiamondsSPRL
BE 0870.716.738Interjewel EuropeSA