Located 115 companies in Huidevettersstraat in Antwerpen

We located 115 legal entities on the address: Huidevettersstraat in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0501.995.091Luxestate InvestmentsSPRL
BE 0414.894.635KoopcentrumSPRL
BE 0417.596.480DizzySPRL
BE 0425.101.411Etablissementen RaboliotSPRL
BE 0427.903.919Filips De SchoneSPRL
BE 0431.688.602ImprovementSPRL
BE 0445.652.246Driebe Algemene HandelsondernemingSA
BE 0420.492.624Electro-TransitSPRL
BE 0421.268.525Reisburo De GemsSPRL
BE 0404.703.992Galerie ImmobilièreSPRL
BE 0423.286.917TouchSPRL
BE 0413.295.323Coiffure Sake - LaraSPRL
BE 0450.889.454AmberesSPRL
BE 0447.604.223Vip - FashionSPRL
BE 0422.923.463Pacific OneSPRL
BE 0404.685.186Belgian Coast ConstructionsSPRL
BE 0415.425.561IfSPRL
BE 0416.533.836Immo ChristiaensenSA
BE 0406.377.639Etablissementen GeversSPRL
BE 0412.464.685Eating CarSPRL