Located 290 companies in Lange Beeldekensstraat in Antwerpen

We located 290 legal entities on the address: Lange Beeldekensstraat in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0446.868.706Gold Orange FinikeSPRL
BE 0447.668.856Belmac Int'lSA
BE 0426.574.722SerdaxSPRL
BE 0428.243.617IbnsinaSPRL
BE 0427.643.603SevilaSPRL
BE 0431.307.431Recto VersoSPRL
BE 0448.115.749Da En TaSA
BE 0448.965.389Interelec. SaraySPRL
BE 0443.036.810Inter - MarketingSC (AS)
BE 0433.955.729Restaurant MiamarSC (AS)
BE 0425.669.751HairSPRL
BE 0422.613.063E. Begas En CoSPRL
BE 0422.331.070Dee LineSA
BE 0404.693.601CordisSCRL
BE 0404.660.937SanitasSPRL
BE 0419.804.716FundecoSPRL
BE 0407.596.770Fijnkost SlagerASBL
BE 0414.078.350De Frans Boetsvrienden AccordionistenASBL
BE 0415.406.062J. Van DalenSPRL
BE 0415.982.817CobelprimSA