Located 282 companies in Oudeleeuwenrui in Antwerpen

We located 282 legal entities on the address: Oudeleeuwenrui in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0447.320.943AdriverSA
BE 0446.355.495Bogerd MartinSA
BE 0446.705.388Media GraphxSA
BE 0426.275.408Immobiliën PaardenmarktSA
BE 0431.076.116WovanSPRL
BE 0432.035.723Best FoodsSA
BE 0432.595.056M.b.b.SPRL
BE 0429.892.716AdincoSA
BE 0437.732.591Robert JohansonSA
BE 0438.784.250SparkinelSA
BE 0444.349.674PorcellaSPRL
BE 0445.805.961Van GoghSA
BE 0435.305.217Finishing TouchSA
BE 0434.128.745The LofthouseSCA
BE 0434.338.779RomalcoSA
BE 0422.957.018Trans - FlechaSPRL
BE 0423.307.208Generic LaboratoriesSPRL
BE 0422.667.503NavalanSPRL
BE 0404.900.962Martin CoSA
BE 0404.856.818United Bonded Stores DealersSA