Located 108 companies in Straatsburgdok Noordkaai in Antwerpen

We located 108 legal entities on the address: Straatsburgdok Noordkaai in Antwerpen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0437.867.896PartnersSCRL
BE 0823.958.976Beerens O.c. Zaventem Vat GroupUTVA
BE 0682.966.409Bts WaarborgfondsASBL
BE 0835.374.292Brainbridge TechnicsSPRL
BE 0833.619.483Ktba BelgiumSA
BE 0832.108.560Beerens S.c.SA
BE 0823.279.382EventifSPRL
BE 0824.047.959AequitasASBL
BE 0458.174.649Trans Aqua Services VlaanderenSCRL
BE 0508.423.817Duikwerken Kanalennet D.v.s.AM
BE 0475.653.257Antwerp Advanced Business Travel ServicesSA
BE 0472.274.291NecadisSA
BE 0473.506.191BuilpromSA
BE 0472.825.906KrisofSA
BE 0441.133.234Veelaert ArchitectenSC SPRL
BE 0430.064.247AsecritSPRL
BE 0416.011.125Doorcloser Trade CompanySPRL
BE 0437.577.094Raoul GagelmansSPRLU
BE 0450.296.962ActiphoneSA
BE 0446.356.683De Putter En CoSPRL