Located 34 companies in Avenue Jules Génicot in Auderghem

We located 34 legal entities on the address: Avenue Jules Génicot in Auderghem in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0432.679.188Beheer BeertsPLIMCO
BE 0847.682.406Creche Les MinymoisNPROF
BE 0413.073.312MetextradePLIMCO
BE 0412.720.647StillwaterPLIMCO
BE 0447.116.253Sound InvestmentPLIMCO
BE 0837.845.814OlavPr LLC
BE 0893.175.109Bv Group AssurfinancesPLIMCO
BE 0506.706.323Forêt EnchanteresseNPROF
BE 0558.945.474IkatiPr LLC
BE 0502.948.463StratecomPr LLC
BE 0412.101.530Unifot-BelgiumPr LLC
BE 0413.564.250Librairie Papeterie Du Val DuchessePr LLC
BE 0412.865.850E.c.o.s.PLIMCO
BE 0413.253.850Marketing European NetworkPLIMCO
BE 0402.092.615Distribution Et Equipement NilensPLIMCO
BE 0667.847.176LoulifaPr LLC
BE 0731.556.875RbingenPLC
BE 0447.041.821Bv GroupPr LLC
BE 0406.809.189SoprohanPLIMCO
BE 0899.673.812AlterjobPLIMCO