Located 24 companies in Dokter Van Der Borghtstraat in Berlaar

We located 24 legal entities on the address: Dokter Van Der Borghtstraat in Berlaar in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0458.547.506Surme HoldingSPRLU FS
BE 0523.929.266Stars For Kids VzwASBL
BE 0555.873.841Benedenti BerlaarSC SCRL
BE 0478.433.593Benedenti Kontich/evidentSC SPRL
BE 0452.327.529K.a.t.o.SPRL
BE 0450.123.352HandschoenmarktSA
BE 0555.874.930Benedenti GroepSA
BE 0454.882.092Bauwens Motoren BedrijfSA
BE 0699.499.563Benedenti VraseneSC SPRL
BE 0667.497.085Benedenti EenheidUTVA
BE 0635.808.076Benedenti VlimmerenSC SPRL
BE 0638.993.933RomarFONDPRIV
BE 0650.910.283La TiretteASBL
BE 0475.419.962Benedenti RotselaarSPRL
BE 0417.318.645Wijns, RogerSPRL
BE 0455.316.911Garage ToekomstSA
BE 0672.883.555Benedenti GenkSPRL
BE 0543.529.996Phil My CupSCS
BE 0472.494.126BenedentiSPRL
BE 0446.122.202Benedenti BerlaarSPRL