Located 31 companies in Louis Segersstraat in Bornem

We located 31 legal entities on the address: Louis Segersstraat in Bornem in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0688.717.915Greendesign SvrSCS
BE 0684.969.854TerrapolisSPRL
BE 0457.724.687De Andere Weg - Verenining Voor Kunst En CultuurASBL
BE 0460.611.725Dr. Manuel ArtsSC SPRL
BE 0458.065.276JuvicaSPRL
BE 0435.030.845Transport BosserezSPRL
BE 0426.740.315T & S TuinprojectsSPRL
BE 0875.743.219Aurum Real EstateSCS
BE 0886.125.484Vd & P Kantoor Voor ExpertiseSCS
BE 0449.969.439DemoloSA
BE 0425.676.976PhirecaSPRL
BE 0540.547.643EvatoSPRL
BE 0663.976.876Sarah Wouters - Erik SecuianuSASPJ
BE 0653.873.931Huisarts Wouters SarahSC SPRL
BE 0457.384.197Erik BosserezSPRLU FS
BE 0447.780.902A.m.r. ZemstASBL
BE 0546.965.974Dr Janssen KatelijneSC SPRL
BE 0839.419.390Architect Segers SophieSC SPRL
BE 0811.802.797RenaSPRL
BE 0672.402.218Lab AgroSCS