Located 150 companies in Parc Industriel(W-B) in Braine-le-Château

We located 150 legal entities on the address: Parc Industriel(W-B) in Braine-le-Château in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0460.617.168Compagnie D'investissement Et De Financement Des Industries MediteranneennesSA
BE 0459.043.887ImmolineSPRL
BE 0460.244.115ImmotrixeSA
BE 0467.190.305FipSA
BE 0818.335.451Residence Le MoulinSASPJ
BE 0660.776.074Cartrading InternationalSCS
BE 0446.342.926Les Entreprises Caulier SaSA
BE 0428.035.363Applied Technologies InternationalSA
BE 0426.904.324Groupe Son Prive - Can DoSA
BE 0427.275.003A.c.d.SA
BE 0436.180.789AzimutSCRL
BE 0442.400.568CogetrustSPRL
BE 0449.028.242LavandeSPRL
BE 0444.590.194Campo PlastSA
BE 0446.026.982C.d.e.v.SPRL
BE 0434.140.821LusitechSA
BE 0405.693.491Hottois Et KeylSA
BE 0439.855.507Sodimas BeneluxSA
BE 0439.906.183Markana GroupSA
BE 0455.021.654Cedimax ElectronicsSPRLU