Located 15 companies in Heihoefke in Brecht

We located 15 legal entities on the address: Heihoefke in Brecht in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0423.395.991Janssens AankoopmaatschappijSA
BE 0426.603.228Lauryssen MetalenSPRL
BE 0445.968.386Brug 9SA
BE 0808.828.956Janssens Huybrechts HoldingSCRL
BE 0437.324.993AernoutsSCRL
BE 0435.038.763Kempische Televisie MaatschappijASBL
BE 0459.230.563BackxSA
BE 0477.033.429SwaliSA
BE 0418.890.144JansimmoSA
BE 0403.725.975J. Janssens En ZonenSA
BE 0423.396.090Janssens VervoerSPRL
BE 0421.074.129Alofil PlasticsSPRL
BE 0501.931.052Juna HoeveSPRL
BE 0450.789.979Ooms ImSA
BE 0414.045.983KortairSPRL