Located 72 companies in Rue Breydel in Bruxelles

We located 72 legal entities on the address: Rue Breydel in Bruxelles in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0411.683.044Les Artisans PhilanthropesMUTU
BE 0411.689.378Sécurité Et PrévoyanceMUTU
BE 0206.738.375Société Nationale Du Logement-Nationale Maatschappij Voor De HuisvestingAFJ
BE 0439.772.858SoltechSPRL
BE 0471.388.425ParlaSPRL
BE 0809.541.610Js JointsolutionsSPRL
BE 0823.637.094SensepackSPRL
BE 0820.554.078MccSPRL
BE 0526.932.803Asvating GroupSPRL
BE 0545.916.988Chimmis & ZonenSPRL
BE 0563.783.004Freedom House EuropeASBL
BE 0667.912.997Oxygen EnterprisesSCS
BE 0659.664.534Cretan Diet PlusSPRL
BE 0674.546.215European Society Of Clinical Microbiology And Infectious Diseases BelgiumAISBL
BE 0676.773.0574Ip Council EuASBL
BE 0676.898.266Hope - Humanitarian OperationsFONDPRIV
BE 0656.712.071« International Digital Marketing Media Network »SPRL
BE 0886.306.717LoySA
BE 0861.395.929Vip Offices SchumanSPRL
BE 0727.642.332Dpi-DelicatessenSRL