Located 911 companies in Rue Passage D'Eau in Flemalle

We located 911 legal entities on the address: Rue Passage D'Eau in Flemalle in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0688.949.725Numeric PipelineENT E
BE 0671.670.263Thgk Holding UniteUTVA
BE 0443.571.595Bonjour EnfantASBL
BE 0445.308.984L'amitiéen PartageASBL
BE 0446.485.357Simonis - SchenkelaarsSNC
BE 0448.591.247L'artisan Du BoisSPRLU
BE 0435.977.683Comité De Quartier Des CahottesASBL
BE 0436.078.247Mercier - SmetsSC (AS)
BE 0431.867.655Keyen Et FilsSC (AS)
BE 0425.993.613Gam Grafic SystemsSA
BE 0433.717.187V.i.p. Sport And Meeting CompanySC (AS)
BE 0427.257.680SablocSA
BE 0426.628.170Ets Renato CichelliSPRL
BE 0455.588.412Show-BizzASBL
BE 0460.673.289Mct Fallais, Fontaine Et Cie.SCS
BE 0458.349.843Guy ThirySPRL
BE 0459.068.237Ads CarSPRLU FS
BE 0450.913.309Belgium Promo RacingASBL
BE 0455.860.111La Vallee Du HouxSPRL
BE 0461.370.008Vtp TransportsSPRL