Located 142 companies in Rue Berthelot in Forest

We located 142 legal entities on the address: Rue Berthelot in Forest in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0466.594.249R2D2 ArchitectureSA
BE 0471.665.963MerlaSA
BE 0824.199.793Association Des Copropriétaires À Forest, Rue Berthelot 19/23ACP
BE 0824.322.430Association Des Copropriétaires À Forest, Rue Berthelot 175-177ACP
BE 0567.845.225Unite Tva IdnaUTVA
BE 0445.883.561MertensSPRL
BE 0444.694.718HarmonySPRL
BE 0432.915.948CadoroSPRL
BE 0412.709.165G.c.g. Sovibel Société De Personnes À Responsabilité LimitéeSPRL
BE 0451.095.332Gaia ConsultSA
BE 0449.952.316Pro Car ServiceSPRL
BE 0543.368.561Luc ElectricSPRL
BE 0440.519.758Brusselsport ShopSA
BE 0843.023.436Manger Nielsen ArchitectsSC SPRL
BE 0887.539.904Association Des Copropriétaires À Forest, Rue Berthelot, 2ACP
BE 0896.996.612La Louange Ii BruxellesASBL
BE 0876.946.217Market And ServicesSCRI
BE 0713.753.318Forcado UccleSPRL
BE 0884.617.432A L'expressSCS
BE 0890.655.285Association Des Coproprietaires A Forest Rue Berthelot 47ACP