Located 89 companies in Rue Berthelot in Forest

We located 89 legal entities on the address: Rue Berthelot in Forest in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0537.964.968Entreprise Agricole HondekynSCS
BE 0639.792.994Le Sentier De L'amourASBL
BE 0673.694.692Unité Tva Elec Rt UnitUTVA
BE 0437.052.108SimsaSA
BE 0443.682.057Giardino D'italiaSPRL
BE 0472.066.336Cine PlusSPRL
BE 0521.780.816Ass Wallemacq Pascal Et CedricSASPJ
BE 0832.510.418Ass Maraichere Du BuisSASPJ
BE 0427.447.623DatavinSA
BE 0426.831.969Legumes AngriesSA
BE 0406.985.274Houthandel Jules Breyne En ZoonSPRL
BE 0425.915.815CaachiraSPRL
BE 0412.110.240Centre Culturel Du Pays Des CollinesASBL
BE 0464.801.630Enfants 2000ASBL
BE 0479.607.590Ferme Les AngriesSA
BE 0462.972.189Anyware ConsultingSPRL
BE 0533.699.938Foire Commerciale De Frasnes-Lez-AnvaingASBL
BE 0446.002.634Entreprises D'hontSA
BE 0449.885.307V.e.h.a.SPRL
BE 0401.232.283Descamps Frères Et SoeursSPRL