Located 99 companies in Legen Heirweg in Gavere

We located 99 legal entities on the address: Legen Heirweg in Gavere in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0429.249.645Hout En BouwSPRL
BE 0419.619.723Bouwonderneming Vermassen EricSPRL
BE 0425.559.289ArchitecturaSA
BE 0407.252.916Asperse MarmerindustrieSA
BE 0415.485.741R. Houthooft En ZoonSA
BE 0414.003.918Thomas WernerSPRL
BE 0811.357.884Biofresh EnergiesSPRL
BE 0811.992.344D'haeze LogisticsSPRL
BE 0835.382.311DerynvestSPRL
BE 0840.999.995MediapolisSPRL
BE 0820.114.412SanisolarUTVA
BE 0830.338.212M.s.m.SPRL
BE 0466.515.065Holding G.m.SCA
BE 0434.561.483GlobimmoSA
BE 0477.957.404DekitoSA
BE 0466.338.485PacifikSA
BE 0441.024.455EvoflorSA
BE 0433.957.808Debotec InternationalSPRL
BE 0446.154.468Velleman - KitSA
BE 0424.581.371AbbedricxSPRL