Located 25 companies in Armand Maclotlaan in Genk

We located 25 legal entities on the address: Armand Maclotlaan in Genk in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0831.128.365Tandartspraktijk Patrick OrdiesSPRL
BE 0832.830.122OrianneSPRL
BE 0475.604.955GlomerulusASBL
BE 0442.333.064Algemeen Adviesbureau Voor Bouw En ImmobilienSPRL
BE 0455.088.960Medisch Kabinet Dr. Verresen LucSC SPRL
BE 0899.784.470Atelier Daniels VofSNC
BE 0843.817.945Dokterspraktijk Dr. Humblet EvelienSC SPRL
BE 0675.782.766Studio AbstractSPRL
BE 0808.607.044Ib ProjectsSPRL
BE 0807.244.688Dr. Dagmara Dilling-BoerSC SPRL
BE 0566.974.304K2EngineeringSPRL
BE 0675.891.743Salvo Nirta ConsultingSCS
BE 0502.997.062Mathco InvestSCS
BE 0464.842.113Corthex TextilesSPRL
BE 0879.556.804Buro21 ArchitectenSC SPRL
BE 0896.529.527Green PromotionsSPRL
BE 0887.241.281Michael Böse - Geassocieerd NotarisSC SPRL
BE 0644.729.207Swimmin'genk VzwASBL
BE 0682.777.258Associatie Nefrologie Ziekenhuis Oost-LimburgSASPJ
BE 0473.673.566Dr. De KosterSPRLU FS