Located 12 companies in AKKERHAGE in Gent

We located 12 legal entities on the address: AKKERHAGE in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0431.526.670Carrier Transicold BelgiumPr LLC
BE 0453.297.529Tables En TablesPLIMCO
BE 0458.885.719Nutreco Capital NvPLIMCO
BE 0429.185.507FasterPLIMCO
BE 0473.483.229Fresh FoodNPROF
BE 0896.050.663Regionale Beroepsvereniging Van Hotel-, Restaurant-, Cafehouders En Aanverwante Bedrijven Van Gent & LeiestreekNPROF
BE 0413.881.182Nutreco BelgiumPLIMCO
BE 0879.456.933Gent Meeting CenterPLIMCO
BE 0433.457.762CampagentPLIMCO
BE 0400.060.959Producten TrouwPLIMCO
BE 0460.867.487Nutreco Belgium InvestmentsPLIMCO
BE 0448.704.281KunstwerkNPROF