Located 14 companies in Abrahamstraat in Gent

We located 14 legal entities on the address: Abrahamstraat in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0456.273.548De Borger - De BrabanterSCRI
BE 0880.303.803Music Managers FederationASBL
BE 0715.711.926Abrahams PrinsenhofSNC
BE 0712.776.586Steunpunt Voor Bovenlokale CultuurASBL
BE 0411.954.149CaïssaASBL
BE 0400.090.554Hoge's GrabsSPRL
BE 0467.027.383Reproductiefonds Vlaamse MuseaSA
BE 0644.939.538BijasSPRL
BE 0673.703.008CarbonellaSPRL
BE 0883.083.842Forum Voor AmateurkunstenASBL
BE 0443.053.933AdessoSCRL
BE 0419.754.731Taptoe's ErfASBL
BE 0808.615.259AmateoAISBL
BE 0829.476.395ConcreetSASPJ