Located 15 companies in Antoon Sanderusstraat in Gent

We located 15 legal entities on the address: Antoon Sanderusstraat in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0867.752.201ELI Comm.V.OLP
BE 0887.628.192KALINOLP
BE 0459.602.331YADRANPr LLC
BE 0457.549.493TOP - ADOPr LLC
BE 0722.761.747Apotheek WullensPLC
BE 0472.497.193MUSTIGENPAR
BE 0456.600.477AT WORKPr LLC
BE 0448.520.773D.S.G.CS
BE 0446.698.955ERSAMPr LLC
BE 0634.847.281Kubat's Boxing Gym GentNPROF
BE 0466.466.169USMANCSUL
BE 0810.554.368GOKCE GROEPPr LLC
BE 0865.497.643SABRIPr LLC
BE 0765.652.870Stijn De Rouck & Rebecca Devriese architectenPLC