Located 101 companies in afrikalaan in Gent

We located 101 legal entities on the address: afrikalaan in Gent in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0427.328.451Euro-ExpressSA
BE 0454.640.186CloverSC SCA
BE 0419.185.104Kwik Fit BelgiumSA
BE 0413.814.173BadymSA
BE 0400.112.528Hout- En Kunststoffen A. Van Den BogaerdeSA
BE 0400.056.110Anciens Etablissements J. Sion - GabrielsSA
BE 0674.686.270Modanni-MeubelenSPRL
BE 0533.914.328Artmedia SignSPRL
BE 0507.789.357VidiciSNC
BE 0644.721.782Boss CleaningSPRL
BE 0477.876.537K & M CarsSPRL
BE 0459.857.994J.e.m.SCA
BE 0459.416.942New Generation ShipstoresSA
BE 0459.054.082Neptune ISPRLU FS
BE 0829.896.762Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Parking Afrikalaan Te Gent, Afrikalaan 200ACP
BE 0849.530.255AsildasSCRI
BE 0442.600.211Neptune Economic ShipstoresSPRL
BE 0400.076.795Wyckaert - ComaritSA
BE 0425.183.266De Swaef VerhuurSA
BE 0438.810.281Agro-TransSA