Located 39 companies in Westvaartdijk in Grimbergen

We located 39 legal entities on the address: Westvaartdijk in Grimbergen in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0447.463.077SobelvetSA
BE 0411.910.203TecnorSA
BE 0414.645.108Le Fondoir VervietoisSA
BE 0401.282.070Houtbedrijf Beyens En CieSA
BE 0455.374.616ChemogasSA
BE 0475.562.591BrownfieldsSA
BE 0822.345.511Tv Danheux & Maroye - Sita RemediationSASPJ
BE 0807.188.963Asfalt Centrale GrimbergenSA
BE 0829.708.009ImmoprofSPRL
BE 0679.936.049The Egg ManSPRL
BE 0848.519.772HemSPRL
BE 0435.356.982Revival SystemsSA
BE 0438.235.904Mark DesmedtSPRL
BE 0444.627.412Green Star TruckingSPRL
BE 0443.634.745RenovacontainerSA
BE 0442.284.267WestvacoSPRL
BE 0416.338.747Roeivereniging Nautilus Te VilvoordeASBL
BE 0407.185.907SogracaSA
BE 0400.704.723F. Timmermans MichielsSA
BE 0449.621.031GapSA