Located 21 companies in Alverbergstraat in Hasselt

We located 21 legal entities on the address: Alverbergstraat in Hasselt in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0427.236.302D.h.b.SA
BE 0416.704.773BornaSA
BE 0400.955.438KromimmoSA
BE 0831.277.033ClazzSNC
BE 0521.815.062CococoSPRL
BE 0891.889.363SynsideSASPJ
BE 0890.301.731Studio LimburgASBL
BE 0442.845.382M. Bex Grind- En ZandwasserijSA
BE 0459.330.137YucroSA
BE 0824.721.318Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Alverberg Te 3500 Hasselt, Alverbergstraat 67-69 (H.hartwijk)ACP
BE 0637.789.351Marieke HermansSPRL
BE 0598.934.814Belgium And Netherlands Testing Qualifications BoardASBL
BE 0882.575.185The Last CutSPRL
BE 0845.590.273SanicoopSCRL
BE 0445.628.391Passage De DouroSPRL
BE 0441.740.176IntroSPRL
BE 0464.233.288ConvoidSPRL
BE 0823.353.321Cb HoldingSPRL
BE 0694.525.443A & ASPRL
BE 0537.490.955Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Alverpark Te 3500 Hasselt, Alverbergstraat-Haarbemdenstraat (Haer Bemden)ACP