Located 65 companies in Walenstraat in Hasselt

We located 65 legal entities on the address: Walenstraat in Hasselt in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0597.899.288SomoaSPRL
BE 0426.846.223CompufarSPRL
BE 0444.595.639S.i.e.c.SPRL
BE 0446.050.045Immo GiseSPRL
BE 0414.609.771Schouwvegersbedrijf VranckenSPRL
BE 0400.964.643Nv NicotransmatSA
BE 0453.163.907Indoor Action EventsSA
BE 0434.315.421Linders Transport BelgieSA
BE 0456.121.021Bakkerij St-ServatiusSPRL
BE 0437.480.193BenjoSA
BE 0455.330.767DistrimoSPRL
BE 0833.918.896Bnm CleanSPRL
BE 0415.926.991Hasselt Car ServiceSPRL
BE 0651.729.241Clean ExpertsSPRL
BE 0686.869.668Adjo GroupSPRL
BE 0722.772.140CchapeSPRL
BE 0448.227.397De SchakelSPRL
BE 0446.143.382Vroonen BeheerSA
BE 0891.865.411Tine Schrijnemakers OrthodontieSC SPRL
BE 0834.028.071Delta CoolingSPRL