Located 348 companies in Rue De La Vierge Werpin in Hotton

We located 348 legal entities on the address: Rue De La Vierge Werpin in Hotton in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0672.467.247Ets Jadoul MichaëlSCS
BE 0564.893.158Save A LifeASBL
BE 0652.781.492Comite Des Fetes Des SartsASBL
BE 0455.742.622MultiprofSPRL
BE 0458.533.747Compagnie RochezSCS
BE 0462.693.859Université De Tous Ages Nord LuxembourgASBL
BE 0458.076.461La Grande CouronneSA
BE 0458.723.985ImmosoySA
BE 0438.001.520La FoulerieSPRL
BE 0449.983.790JeajureSPRLU FS
BE 0458.146.341Jeunesse BourdonASBL
BE 0451.482.540IdergieSA
BE 0457.904.930La Mayette ImmoSA
BE 0458.387.653Comité D'animation De Menil - FavayASBL
BE 0456.477.446Comité De Promotion Du Vin D'alsaceASBL
BE 0472.908.949Compagnie La Plume À L'oreilleASBL
BE 0472.752.165Atsma Du LongchampS. Agr.
BE 0536.781.271Jaf ConstructionSPRL
BE 0521.879.794Asbl Courant D'artASBL
BE 0831.021.071Gvf.wineSPRL