Located 7351 companies in Avenue Louise in Ixelles

We located 7351 legal entities on the address: Avenue Louise in Ixelles in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0461.018.531BelmarmoSPRL
BE 0460.748.020Compagnie De Marketing Et De Conseil InternationalSPRL
BE 0459.896.596MouvanceSCRL
BE 0460.127.121Miller, Bolle Et PartnersSCRL
BE 0460.628.056B. StepsSPRL
BE 0463.113.335Andre Francois Reviseur D EntreprisesSPRL
BE 0462.345.055Atisreal Holding BelgiumSA
BE 0463.332.277Chalau SprlSPRL
BE 0461.444.440Association Pour Developper La Mise En Place D'alfa Tv, La Chaine De CooperationOSI DB
BE 0461.475.025ImelecSPRL
BE 0462.989.413Fredell Et Co InternationalSA
BE 0462.873.310International Crisis GroupAISBL
BE 0462.943.584Serge RaicherSPRL
BE 0466.606.721Mcb SocleSPRLU
BE 0473.256.367Carre & StraussSPRL
BE 0472.444.933InvensysSPRL
BE 0472.022.388SightSA
BE 0472.313.289EbooksSPRL
BE 0469.844.244Emre Belgium Holding Company IiiSPRL
BE 0469.837.019CoratecSPRL