Located 17 companies in George Grardplein in Koksijde

We located 17 legal entities on the address: George Grardplein in Koksijde in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0829.665.150Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Nelson Te Koksijde (St Idesbald), George Grardplein 4ACP
BE 0833.852.481Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Hermes Te Koksijde (St.idesbald), George Grardplein 3-11-17ACP
BE 0641.660.740AncaraSCRL
BE 0446.941.059In Home MeubelSA
BE 0434.664.918JorimmoSA
BE 0477.807.053Immo Unico ServicesSPRL
BE 0536.423.955Aa-RodeoSPRL
BE 0865.271.078JotifiSPRL
BE 0426.023.406EuropaparkingSA
BE 0881.870.550AnpiraSPRL
BE 0833.655.711Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars Residentie Idesplaya Te Koksijde (St.idesbald), George Grardplein 21ACP
BE 0469.002.621JobartSA
BE 0477.844.764Price & Quality CulinairSA
BE 0454.165.579La CharaSPRL
BE 0430.855.390Vanhamme FranzSPRL
BE 0862.997.419Reflexion-ShopSPRL
BE 0684.684.792Art SpaceASBL