Located 65 companies in Ooststatiestraat in Kontich

We located 65 legal entities on the address: Ooststatiestraat in Kontich in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0429.635.368DeksterSPRL
BE 0423.783.102Advies- En Ontwerpbureau WollesSPRL
BE 0433.497.849't RoodborstjeSCRL
BE 0432.480.636Vriendenkring IrisASBL
BE 0881.241.634CenturionSC SPRL
BE 0662.459.520Magda FieuwSPRL
BE 0839.391.082HeraSPRL
BE 0825.641.135Andersvalidewerking De KikkerASBL
BE 0456.687.777AcanthiASBL
BE 0457.405.181All - SnitSCRI
BE 0461.323.090Het Kontichs ArtistenfestivalASBL
BE 0508.800.137Pt CollectiblesSPRL
BE 0474.890.521I DolciSNC
BE 0479.267.397Den DrijhoekSPRLU FS
BE 0543.950.858Antwerp-Tax ManagementSPRL
BE 0470.339.835Part EngineeringSA
BE 0469.739.029Foto De RoeckSPRL
BE 0647.629.210GamamiSPRL
BE 0881.602.415CarwellnessSPRL
BE 0700.236.367GroundworkSPRL