Located 126 companies in Satenrozen in Kontich

We located 126 legal entities on the address: Satenrozen in Kontich in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0472.034.761Tetrade ConsultingSA
BE 0807.656.048Belcompany BelgieSA
BE 0667.892.609Automotive Consultancy ServicesSPRL
BE 0427.840.175European Business ConsultantsSA
BE 0412.695.507ChemetallSA
BE 0401.980.470Etablissements F. KattenburgSA
BE 0436.464.267MaximailSA
BE 0450.182.146Watermark Project SolutionsSA
BE 0461.555.494Power ClimberSPRL
BE 0878.716.961Private Assisted LivingSA
BE 0879.345.877Fal NazarehtSA
BE 0879.347.758Fal ZevenbronnenSA
BE 0878.965.696Private Assisted LivingSCA
BE 0899.717.956Senior Living HoldingSA
BE 0869.769.702Senior Living GroupSA
BE 0867.435.366Rank1SA
BE 0873.514.692PikasoSA
BE 0882.889.446Sl InvestSA
BE 0410.958.712Senior Living Group VlaanderenASBL
BE 0629.893.551AtabSA