Located 25 companies in Ringlaan in Kortrijk

We located 25 legal entities on the address: Ringlaan in Kortrijk in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0455.525.955Home SoftSA
BE 0434.822.294Horeca-BellSC (AS)
BE 0427.609.058ConservatoriumSPRL
BE 0433.730.055EurobellSC (AS)
BE 0416.871.455InterludiumSPRL
BE 0449.525.318Bodart En ZhangSNC
BE 0443.966.426Deprez MetaalwerkenSA
BE 0441.714.244Dynasty For MenSPRL
BE 0836.358.051Mambo TeamASBL
BE 0862.292.881NakoSPRL
BE 0814.810.886Vereniging Van Mede-Eigenaars, Stad Kortrijk, Ringlaan 34 Kortrijk Ring Shopping CenterACP
BE 0439.031.106Selfservice LadestaSPRL
BE 0896.959.988KuurcoiffSPRL
BE 0427.182.258Deli KuurneSPRL
BE 0446.341.045Baeyens AgenciesSA
BE 0419.782.544Resto-DeconinckSPRL
BE 0424.572.562IntermezzoSPRL
BE 0434.228.616Ring DecorSPRL
BE 0444.707.386FireloSPRL
BE 0424.587.806Martine GarderSPRL