Located 19 companies in Bankstraat in Leuven

We located 19 legal entities on the address: Bankstraat in Leuven in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0422.890.009Missie En Ontwikkelingswerk In ZaïreASBL
BE 0418.280.331De Moeial, Regionale Pen LeuvenASBL
BE 0456.140.124Liliane Gronert FondsASBL
BE 0459.236.602Pi KwadraatASBL
BE 0466.879.113Dc SoftSPRL
BE 0825.251.254Vme Te Leuven, Bankstraat 40AACP
BE 0828.028.919E.b.d-Training & CoachingSCS
BE 0448.879.871DekotradSPRL
BE 0464.576.451Anglo Belgian RacingASBL
BE 0662.891.367FlodASBL
BE 0663.549.581Law At WorkSPRL
BE 0877.415.280Ict MastersSPRL
BE 0865.713.716Move Organizational LearningSPRL
BE 0472.304.678Mensen Van De WegASBL
BE 0470.640.634Water WorkSPRL
BE 0536.524.321Wim Coremans ConsultingSPRL
BE 0887.072.522Dr. Katelijne Teugels, AnesthesieSPRL
BE 0887.135.373Dr. H. Celen, CardiologieSPRL
BE 0860.775.228PalomineASBL