Located 23 companies in Philipslaan in Leuven

We located 23 legal entities on the address: Philipslaan in Leuven in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0628.522.386T&t Productions VzwASBL
BE 0670.565.255Advocaat Gust DetienneSC SPRL
BE 0429.891.726FiskaverSPRL
BE 0439.611.225SchouppeSA
BE 0446.728.055De ImmothekerSPRL
BE 0444.782.909VumatSPRL
BE 0895.510.928SoliditySPRL
BE 0641.899.280Kasper PetersSPRL
BE 0477.358.972Van Attenhoven - PutseysSCA
BE 0443.720.461In De MolenSPRLU
BE 0413.480.712Maes - TassinSA
BE 0828.614.382Dr. Benoit Bomans, ChirurgieSC SPRL
BE 0668.856.471WedofinSPRL
BE 0472.250.537ImmophilSPRL
BE 0471.577.475Virtual HouseSA
BE 0419.961.795VerbaSPRL
BE 0825.030.530Residentie Ilse VmeACP
BE 0812.353.125Virtual IndustriesSCS
BE 0452.196.380RosseelSNC
BE 0435.273.741Fiskamed Diensten En VerzekeringenSPRL