Located 13 companies in Place Vivegnis in Liège

We located 13 legal entities on the address: Place Vivegnis in Liège in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0476.617.022Journee Accueil Vie AnimationNPROF
BE 0716.659.754Artisan PascalOLP
BE 0809.999.785Les Studios Du HorlaNPROF
BE 0406.988.739SanicoopCS
BE 0673.996.184Collectif A Contre JourNPROF
BE 0429.768.002Circolo MolisanoNPROF
BE 0410.193.402Maison Theosophique LiegeoiseNPROF
BE 0822.856.146Krier Music EntertainmentNPROF
BE 0501.695.480Societe Civile Alveoles Atelier D'architecturePr LLC
BE 0842.659.982Easy SwingNPROF
BE 0465.002.657Pi 3.1415NPROF
BE 0735.665.420EclaircyrPLC
BE 0824.975.496Okayss ProdNPROF