Located 68 companies in Rue des Dominicains in Liège

We located 68 legal entities on the address: Rue des Dominicains in Liège in Belgium.

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VAT numberCompany nameJuridical form
BE 0649.460.035Padova ConstructPr LLC
BE 0536.238.467Jlc HairPr LLC
BE 0418.721.680FlorPr LLC
BE 0639.727.470Lupp ServicesPr LLC
BE 0649.657.104Bati Clean ServicesPr LLC
BE 0407.019.918L.b. CouturePLIMCO
BE 0422.476.966Robert Schinckus CollectionsPr LLC
BE 0425.280.860Charles DesitterPLIMCO
BE 0690.785.894Narsahome AsblNPROF
BE 0716.680.045O.r.Pr LLC
BE 0729.723.476Spirito OperaPLC
BE 0639.794.182Global Management SolutionsPr LLC
BE 0430.053.953Association Internationale Du Theatre LyriqueISCORG
BE 0696.747.634Ssl1Pr LLC
BE 0891.881.346Ldw BelgiquePr LLC
BE 0599.793.560Allen KeaplerPr LLC
BE 0408.898.550Les Amis De L'art LyriqueNPROF
BE 0466.485.767Immobiliere Des DominicainsPr LLC
BE 0887.243.558La BoucheriePLIMCO
BE 0402.389.157Patisserie Crosset GeorgesPr LLC